My Way of Working

I take a person-centred approach to counselling and aim to build a strong therapeutic relationship with each individual.  Person-Centred perspectives are based on:

  • equality

  • empowerment 

  • respect 

  • non-judgement

  • acceptance

  • understanding

This all means that together we will explore the issues you are facing and help you make sense of these.  I will not judge you; don’t be afraid to share your innermost thoughts as nothing you can say will shock me.  It may be hard work, but I believe anyone can achieve anything in life if they put the work into it.


I will tailor my approach to meet individual needs and preferences of each client.  This could be mean that we integrate other therapeutic approaches such as motivational therapy, trauma resource building, DBT base skills and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).  Each person is an individual and what is right for one may not be right for another.  We will find a way! 

Waves on the Rocks

“Don’t think or judge, just listen” –Sarah Dessen